Current Policy

Ordinance No. 2679

By approving ordinance no. 2679, Camas City Council has approved the moratorium placed on I-502. This ordinance impacts Camas solely and is, “related to land use and zoning, declaring an emergency, and adopting a moratorium on the establishment, location, operation, maintenance or continuation of marijuana retail sales facilities, processing facilities, manufacturing facilities, and growing facilities asserted to be authorized or actually authorized under Washington Initiative Measure No. 502, or proposed Washington Administrative Code Chapter 314-55, or any other laws of the State of Washington; and providing for an immediate effective date,” (Coulter).

The ordinance currently in act:

Ordinance No. 2679

Coulter, Sherry. “City Council Approves Moratorium on I-502.” 

City Council Approves Moratorium on I-502