Bill Nye on Federal Marijuana Status

Bill Nye On Federal Marijuana

Bill Nye On Federal Marijuana

Bill Nye On Federal Marijuana, Famous scientist touts that the federal government’s stance against marijuana is not science based.

Federal law’s most restricted status, otherwise known as Schedule 1 is how the U.S. government chooses to classify marijuana. Although this category is supposed to be reserved for the most dangerous drugs without any medical value, against science based reasoning the government continues to maintain marijuana’s status in this category.

“people use marijuana and marijuana extracts for all sorts of medical applications, so you’ve got to think there’s something to it”

Maintaining this status only seeks to keep roadblocks in place that prevent progress in studying the benefits and disadvantages of cannabis.

The benefits of cannabis legalization and access are now more often than not being seen in the forms of economic prosperity and medical advances not to mention the social outcomes.

In the new season of “Bill Nye Saves the World,” premiering December 29 on Netflix, the scientist is seen getting a medical cannabis recommendation and visiting a California dispensary.

“We legalized marijuana, we tax it”