Attitudes toward medical marijuana among substance use clinicians

Attitudes Toward Medical Marijuana

Attitudes Toward Medical Marijuana



Research on health professional’s attitudes toward medical marijuana have failed to include addictions treatment professionals. The current study attempted to address this gap in the literature.


Study participants were recruited by e-mail using mailing lists supplied by multiple state licensing/certification boards and through snowball sampling. Participants completed a 22-item survey addressing attitudes toward medical and recreational marijuana. The 13 items relating to medical marijuana were analyzed.


Our sample (N = 966) was largely female (69.1%) with a Masters’ or Doctoral degree (80%) and a mean age of 46.5 (SD = 12.8). Participants were mostly split between the mid-west and east coast. Overall, participants held mixed views toward medical marijuana. For example, 71.3% of the sample supported legalization of marijuana for medical purposes and yet 63.6% believed that medical marijuana is often abused.


More research is needed to develop a more nuanced understanding of substance use treatment provider’s mixed attitudes toward medical marijuana legalization.